After all the drama surrounding Cheryl Cole on the U.S. singing competition show 'X Factor' last year — she was hired as a judge, then fired before the show even aired — you can't blame the English pop star for wanting to get back to recording music. Cole teams up with hot producer Calvin Harris on the new song 'Call My Name.'

The song has Harris' fingerprints all over it, with a joyous electro sound as Cole sings, "How'd you think I feel when you call my name / You got me confused by the way I change / How'd you think I feel when you call my name / My name, say my name baby."

The lyrics aren't terribly complex but reveal the story of Cole trying to hang on to a guy she loves but is worried about losing. The song feels current without being too much of a stretch for Cole, who started off in the dance-pop group Girls Aloud.

Cole's YouTube page reports the singer will drop a new album called 'A Million Lights' on June 18, though it's not clear yet whether that will be a U.K.-only release. Her two previous solo albums, '3 Words' and 'Messy Little Raindrops,' both hit No. 1 in the U.K. but were not promoted in the U.S. Now that she's got more name recognition and an assist from the co-creator of Rihanna's 'We Found Love,' perhaps 'Call My Name' can be the song to allow her to break out in this country.

Listen to Cheryl Cole, 'Call My Name'