It seems to us that Chris Brown wakes up every morning and thinks to himself, "Am I the worst?" If the answer is still "yes," he continues on with his life. If "no," he goes out and does something outrageously inappropriate, like promising not to beat a potential love interest or in this case, get a tattoo of what resembles a battered woman on his neck.

Even though he's never confirmed any connection between this tat and his infamous assault on Rihanna, the design immediately had people questioning its meaning. Some people get tattoos to remind themselves of painful events they've gone through to keep them grounded, so maybe that was Breezy's logic?

Whatever the symbolism, Breezy should've opted for a more hidden part of his body. Nothing says "I may go to prison one day," like a neck tattoo, and at the rate Breezy is going with his "community service," it seems like a promising destination.