Chris Colfer isn't just one of the hottest stars on 'Glee' -- he's also a budding children's author. His book 'The Land of Stories' is not even out until July 17, but he unveiled the cover today to ramp up excitement for the tome.

The cover appeared exclusively on EW and if we're going to judge a book by its cover, 'The Land of Stories' will be a fantastical, magical and whimsical read that spotlights the battle between good and evil. We know, judging a book by its cover is not exactly the best policy to follow in life and in reading, but when it's an illustrated book, it's doable!

Colfer's book was illustrated by Brandon Dorman and the story is said to be a modern-day fairytale. The main characters are twins Alex and Conner, who leave the real world behind only to become ensconced in another land where they encounter fairytale characters. You know, witches, goblins, trolls and those sorts of things. Fun, right?

Colfer was beyond stoked by the illustrator's work, saying, "He went above and beyond the crayon and colored pencil drawings I used to make of it as a kid.”

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Does this cover make you psyched to check out the book?