'Glee' is no stunt show, but Chris Colfer spilled to Ryan Seacrest at last night's Emmys that he has had to leave the set to go to the hospital five times. Yes, five.

"My fifth time going straight from the 'Glee' set to the hospital was recently, yes," the 21-year-old actor, who plays Kurt, admitted. "And it was my fault because I always try to do everything full-out, and I was exotic dancing on a table and injured my foot ... As one does."

We can safely assume that Chris didn't suffer too much, because he was back to dancing on the table within a short time. Good thing, too, because 'Glee' picks up tomorrow, Sept. 20, with the premiere episode, 'The Purple Piano Project.'

While we already know which songs to expect in episode one -- and they're awesome -- Chris says it's less about that and more about the plot this semester. When asked to dish on some exclusive details, the star stayed quiet, but still managed to get our blood pumping for the new season. "[Ryan Murphy] is really good about spilling information that we're not allowed to say," Chris told E!, avoiding the question. "So put him through the ringer. But it reminds us a lot of season one this year, actually ... The story lines and lots of character development."

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