Chris Colfer -- Kurt Hummel, as most Gleeks know him as -- revealed some details about Season 3 of 'Glee,' as well as his dream storylines for his well-dressed alter ego in a chat with Huffington Post.

He also said that one of his preferred "storylines" would involved Kurt losing his cool. "I'd love for Kurt to go crazy, maybe go Norma Desmond," he said, referencing the old Hollywood film 'Sunset Boulevard.'

Season 3 has been in production for about two weeks and being back on set is like being back to school for Colfer, except without that whole three month vacation sprawl! "We really didn't have a summer off, so it doesn't really feel any different, it feels like we're continuing to do what we were doing," Colfer said. "I don't think I'll ever take for granted the back lot, the huge back lot right behind our sound stage that I still get excited to walk through. It feels exactly the same, like we never left. I guess we never really did."

Colfer said he'd love for guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow or Kristin Chenoweth to return this season so he could act with them. He doesn't want Kurt to tone down his ensembles this season, acknowledging that "it wouldn't be Kurt if he didn't have something ridiculous to wear. But it's definitely changed a bit. He's getting older, he has a boyfriend now, so I think he's kind of stepping up his game a bit."

Colfer lifted the lid on a dream storyline he'd love for Kurt to be involved in, and it's one he's been pitching to show creator Ryan Murphy since the middle of last season. Colfer described the storyline as "controversial" and that Murphy kept saying, "Maybe Season 3, maybe Season 3."

Well, by our clock, it's Season 3, Ryan Murphy! Colfer said, "It is controversial but it does happen every day in school. I'm still pitching that one, and I don't want to give that one away. But it's really good. People always ask, 'Does it involve Blaine and Kurt?' I'm like, yes it does, but not in the way that they would think."

Consider us curious!