The family of the late Christina Grimmie, who was killed by a lone gunman in Orlando during a meet and greet in June, is suing the entertainment group, venue and security team that they claim failed to keep Christina safe.

Albert, Tina and Marcus Grimmie — Christina's father, mother and brother, respectively — filed a suit yesterday (December 20) that says AEG Live and The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Plaza Foundation both "failed to take adequate security measures to ensure the safety of the performers and the attendees at the concert venue," according to BillboardThe family alleges "wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress" stemmed from a lack of preparedness.

The lawsuit adds only "superficial" bag checks were conducted before the fan engagement and that more diligent pat downs or metal detector tests could have kept Grimmie safe. The man who killed Grimmie entered the space with two 9mm Glock handguns, two full magazines and a large hunting knife.

Now, the family's seeking "the singer's projected income after taxes had she lived to normal life expectancy and any and all medical and funeral expenses paid." They're also looking for compensation for physical and emotional trauma that resulted from Grimmie's death.

And while the suit presses forward, the family's still hoping to keep Grimmie's legacy alive. In November, The Grimmies tweeted through Christina's account that they plan to continue to share the singer's unreleased music with her fans.

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