While some people may have had the best summer ever, Daniella Mason experienced otherwise.

"This summer has been hard for me just because I've been taking on a whole new season in my career and life and doing a lot of it by myself, since my husband and partner in crime has been away on tour," Daniella shares.

Luckily, the Nashville alt-pop singer and songwriter siphoned those longing emotions into "Cruel Summer," and even though they're not the happiest of lyrics, the '80s syths and upbeat melody mask the sorrow. To add more sunshine to the track, the artist brought everyone back to the summer with a relaxed, bright pool setting, complete with a gang of swimsuit-wearing ladies.

"The coolest thing about filming this was that the story line of the video was playing out in real time as we were shooting," she says. "But the amazing part is, I've really had to rely and lean on the amazing women in my life in a new way. They’ve been an incredible support: cheering me up at every turn and coming alongside me to shoulder my vision."

Collaborating with Bree Marie Fish, the visual is carefree and conjures memories of sunny days spent lounging poolside—and while the filming location was fun, it was the solid group of supportive women that made the experience truly worthwhile.

"That was exactly the story in this video, both onscreen and off. The director, Bree, and I dreamed of having an all female cast and crew onset for this video, and because I'm surrounded by incredible, talented, and generous women, we were able to make our dream come true," Daniella continues. "It was basically just me hanging out and making art with my gal pals all day, and I couldn't ask for a better situation to cheer me up and make me feel powerful and supported."

"Cruel Summer" is the second single off Daniella's upcoming debut album, which is set to drop on October 13. In the meantime, grab a cool drink, lie back and enjoy the video above.

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