Fresh off the release of her new "Don't Let Me Down" single with electronic duo The Chainsmokers, Daya took to the stage of Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, Oregon in support of crossover Vine stars Jack & Jack.

The singer kept her opening slot short and sweet, starting off with "Sit Still, Look Pretty" and tackling nearly every track off her self-titled EP, save for "Thirsty." For "U12" — her ode to young love — Daya brought out accompaniment on acoustic guitar, and later took to the piano herself for a solo rendition of "Back to Me."

If you need proof that social media was definitely the theme of the night, look no further than her declaration that she'd favorite Instagram photos posted of her from the show. That detail drew nearly the same reaction as Daya closing the set with her newly-platinum single "Hide Away," which is to say that both were met with deafening enthusiasm and raised cameras.

Check out photos from Daya's set in the gallery above.

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