We had an enlightening moment today when we realized that the Internet is full of hilarious Drake memes that poke fun at the Young Money rapper. While some of these Drake memes are all in good fun, a few of them take jabs at Drizzy, including a diss toward his signature saying, the oh-so awful "YOLO," pictured above.

Drake's motto of "YOLO," which stands for "You only live once," flows off the tongue nicely, but that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly annoying, especially when it makes its way into the vocabulary of every teenager on the planet. *Sigh* We wish "YOLO" was really "yoyo" ... Can you imagine the kind of awesome comeback these toys would've made? Except every Drake show would become a potentially lethal outing, with eyes being taken out left and right by flyaway Yomego Fireballs.

While Drake with a yoyo made us giggle, this isn't even the best Drake meme floating around the World Wide Web. The best Drake meme by far is the one pictured right below. Some genius decided it would be a good idea (oh, and it was) to use his album title 'Take Care' as a play on words for 'Daycare,' and transformed a very solemn Drake into a colorful world of coloring books, Mega Bloks and finger painting. Then there's the 'Fake Hair' cover, which is equally as awesome.

Scroll through all of these laugh-inducing Drake memes we stumbled upon, including a movie poster for 'The Girl With the Drake Tattoo,' Drake getting 'Fancy,' and a melancholy Drake waiting for his very late dinner date. Share these funny Drake memes on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to spread the chuckles around to your friends.