Eminem is a rap god, considered by many to be the best ever. The Detroit native dropped another track from 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2,' out Nov. 5, in the form of 'Rap God.'

It's a six-minute song that finds Em rapid-firing his words, referencing Monica Lewinsky, which is brilliant, since she's a milemarker for how long he has been dominant in the rap game, along with characters in 'Superman' lore, laptop rock and the rappers who came before him, like Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Run-DMC and many more, several of which are platinum-selling, obscure or long-forgotten. J.J. Fad, anyone? Yep, Em pays homage to their memorable hit 'Supersonic' and spews his words at that speed.

Em raps over a thin instrumentation, keeping the focus on his voice and his words. His lyrical dexterity remains top notch. He also demonstrates bravado and self-awareness, mentioning that unsigned rappers are hungry to take his place, looking at him like he's a hot lunch. They all need to take a seat, though, since Em still has it. He is completely aware of what's being said and his sphere of influence.

His best lyric in 'Rap God?' 

It's "Oh he's too mainstream? Well that's what they do when they get jealous / They confuse it." He also spews about how mixing rap and rock got his music labeled pop.

Eminem's skills remain spellbinding, as he spits rhymes at superhuman speed about four minutes in. He does use some controversial words, like "f----t," though. But Eminem has never been PC.

'Rap God' begs multiple listens so you can absorb all the references and its genius.