Okay PopCrushers, it's time to bring you the Latin sensation we call Enrique Iglesias back into your lives! And what better way to do it then share with your our list of Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs. We didn't hold back or discriminate about which tracks we chose for this list, as it's already difficult to narrow it down to 10 songs. So naturally, we included some of his biggest hits, some you may or may not have heard of, and some of the best collaborations he's given us to date. Break out your best dance moves, folks, because here's our countdown of the Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs!

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    Feat. Nicole Scherzinger

    'Heartbeat' is one of the first collaborations to make the list, and considering it features Nicole Scherzinger, you know it's a hot track. Released in 2010, it was initially just a promotional single for Iglesias' album 'Euphoria,' but it later received the full single treatment... just not in the United States, which explains why it never charted. As a midtempo ballad, the song features piano, and of course, dance elements. 'Heartbeat' harmoniously unites the singers, making it a perfect match for the dynamic duo's unique vocals.

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    Another song that failed to make it to the "land of the free, and the home of the brave," 'Addicted' was released way back in 2003 as a first single from his album '7.' Rumor has it Iglesias wrote the tortured ode to love overseas in Germany after having a really bad day, and that it was inspired by Gothic architecture (whaaat?). But better than the song is the video, which features the singer as a prisoner who gets restricted visits from his love interest, Mischa Barton. The implication? That he's addicted to her (obviously!) and can't have her as much as he'd like to.

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    'I Like It'

    Feat. Pitbull

    Who can forget the video for 'I Like It,' which featured the cast of the soon-to-be defunct MTV show 'Jersey Shore.' Another collaboration, this time with rapper Pitbull, the song was released in... wait for it... 2010! It feels like just yesterday that we were fist pumping our way through this song. The catchy, uptempo beat attributed to its success (6 million copies sold worldwide), while the 'Jersey Shore' promos probably didn't hurt either. The track quickly caught on like wildfire, with simple, club-friendly lyrics like, "Baby, I like it / The way you move on the floor / Baby, I like it / Come on and give me some more."

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    'Rhythm Divine'

    'Rhythm Divine' is the first song on the list that features Mr. Iglesias back when he was sporting his mole! Believe it or not, this top Enrique Iglesias song marked one of the crooner's first ventures into bilingual singing, as it was released as the second single from his inaugural English-language album, 'Enrique.' The crossover track is an oldie and a goodie, as Iglesias belts about dancing the night away with his lady love over a sensual mix of Spanish guitars and punchy percussion.

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    Those of you familiar with the song 'Escape' might also remember the video featuring Iglesias' lovah, tennis champ Anna Kournikova -- but what you may not know is that the song was co-written by future ' Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi, and is considered to be his first stray from Latin-inspired beats. Since the breezy, midtempo love track was featured on his second English album, it's amazing to hear how quickly he progressed from his signature Latin flavor to a more classic pop sound. It was a smart move, as he certainly won over the American public!

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    'Finally Found You'

    Feat. Sammy Adams

    The latest single from Enrique comes in the form of electro-pop/hip-hop hybrid, 'Finally Found You,' featuring Sammy Adams. The catchy tune received an insane amount of airplay instantly, thanks to its high-energy beat and sweet lyrics. The explosive track manages to mix dance music with rap, ultimately offering a fresh new way to amuse the masses. And with its swoon-worthy, infectious chorus, "In this crazy world of choices I've only got a few / Either you're coming with me / Or I'm coming with you / Cause I finally ... found you," it's really no wonder why fans love it.

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    'Be With You'

    'Be With You' is the first Grammy-nominated Enrique song on our list! The dancey track was co-written by the singer himself, and was released as the second single off his first English-language album 'Believe.' What appears to start off as a ballad quickly morphs into a slow tempo, dance-pop tune, before picking up even more speed as the chorus nears. It's one of his more seductive songs -- you certainly can't get crazy on the dance floor with it, but its sensual enough for some other types of moves, if you catch our drift. *wink*

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    'Dirty Dancer'

    Feat. Usher + Lil Wayne

    In 2011, Iglesias collaborated with two of the biggest names out there, Usher and Lil Wayne, to give us 'Dirty Dancer,' a down-and-dirty house number that pays homage to pole-dancing heartbreakers. On the track, Iglesias and Usher go back-to-back singing the verses, while Lil Wayne jumps in for a rap verse later on. Without a doubt, 'Dirty Dancer' is one of the best songs off of Enrique's 'Euphoria' album, peaking at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs. Truthfully, who didn't try to be a dirty dancer on the floor when they heard this song bumping in the club?

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    Would you believe us if we said this top Enrique Iglesias song came out 11 years ago? We wouldn't believe us either, but 'Hero' dropped back in 2001, and the ballad is perhaps one of the most memorable from the talented artist. The song was a critical and commercial success, and after the devastating events of Sept. 11, 'Hero' was chosen to be remixed with audio from police, firefighters, politicians, and civilians at Ground Zero commenting on the attacks. Of course, the empowering love song is also known for its accompanying music video, which features actress Jennifer Love Hewitt as his love interest.

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    Don't act like you're surprised -- the top of our list is reserved for 'Bailamos,' the first tune that introduced us to the smokin' hot Spaniard. Released back in 1999, it was sung in both Spanish and English, leaving many female listeners weak in the knees. It gave Iglesias his first No. 1 in the English-language market... And we might actually have actor Will Smith to thank for that. After Smith saw him in concert, Iglesias was recruited to contribute a song to the flick 'Wild Wild West,' and 'Bailamos' was chosen. The song became so popular, it was released as a single worldwide, thus starting it all!