What goes up usually comes down, but the reverse was true when Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee took a spill on stage while performing the band's new single 'What You Want.' Lee was rocking out while singing the song, which appears on the band's self-titled third album, when she ended up on her patootie.

While performing, Lee tumbled backwards and landed squarely on her rump. But like a true professional, the lovely and talented Lee quickly rebounded, throwing her hands in the air, getting back on her feet and continuing the song. It was like she wasn't even embarrassed by taking a spill in front of hundreds of her adoring fans. Big ups to Miss Lee for not letting an onstage fall derail her performance. Some diva-like singers might have headed for the backstage area to nurse their ego's wounds, because let's face it, falling in front of a massive group of people is always embarrassing as hell! But Amy Lee was a consummate trooper!

Obviously, you can't keep a good and talented woman down!

Evanescence's self-titled album is out now. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts last month. It was the band's second stint atop the retail charts.

Watch Amy Lee Fall on Stage

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