Happy Friday the 13th! Or should we say, 'Have a Lucky Friday the 13th?' Today brings forth another dreaded day of dodging unluckiness and practicing superstitions, if you believe in that kind of stuff. So before you go skipping cracks in the sidewalk and sprinting away from black cats, take a listen to the five songs we've provided and vote for your favorite song for Friday the 13th. 

First up is Britney Spears' Top 10 hit 'Lucky,' which the songstress released back in 2000. It might be written about a jaded and lonely pop star, but Brit's upbeat voice singing "she's so lucky" will surely bring about some good fortune on this day. Next we have Coldplay's 'Only Superstition,' which is a song about questioning certain things in life and the fear that comes about with these thoughts.

Pop tart Kylie Minogue also makes the cut for favorite Friday the 13th song with her '80s jam 'I Should Be So Lucky,' as do Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat for their sweet duet 'Lucky.' Finally, what would this list be without Madonna's hit song 'Lucky Star'? We hope all of you have a lucky star watching over you today ... and that you don't walk under any ladders!

Vote for your favorite song for Friday the 13th below and we hope you have a very lucky day!