After Lifetime revealed its latest ode to the '90s, Full House: The Unauthorized Story, the network has shared the first peek at what the movie is going to look like.

The 15-second clip doesn't reveal very much. However, we do learn that Uncle Jesse was originally named Adam. The rest of the clip shows the curtain call from what appears to be the episode where D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibler go to the prom. And while the cast, at first glance, resembles the original stars in some dated garb, a look at the official cast photo shows that Joey might be the only one they got right.

The Lifetime movie is supposed to look at the dramas that went down on and off camera as well as the pressures the cast members had to deal with when balancing their TV star lives. Full House: The Unauthorized Story is set to premiere on Lifetime on Aug. 22.

And if you need more of the Tanner family in your life, then be on the lookout for the Full House spinoff, Fuller House, which will air on Netflix in the near future. And rumor has it, there will also be an unauthorized musical in the works.