On the finale of Fuller House Season 1, DJ Tanner — who'd been relentlessly chased after by two men through the series' second half — decided to remain single. But her freedom may be short-lived, as it sounds like the choice will be challenged when the Netflix series returns.

John Brotherton, who played DJ's co-worker, Dr. Matt Harmon, will be back as a season regular on Fuller House Season 2, Variety reported yesterday (April 25). Brotherton's character, a veterinarian, first appeared in the show's fourth episode, when he visited his father's San Francisco clinic and wound up with a job. DJ, a longtime employee of the clinic, was instantly attracted to Matt, but, her husband's recent death considered, felt hesitant to make a move.

Finally, DJ went after Matt, but wound up in a love triangle when her high school boyfriend, Steve (Scott Weinger), reentered the picture, and vowed to move mountains to win DJ's heart back. DJ bounced between the two suitors until she finally decided to "choose myself," a decision she made at the end of a Bachelorette-inspired ceremony.

Love may pop up elsewhere, too — according to DeadlineAshley Liao will also return as a Season 2 regular. Liao played Lola, the best friend of Kimmy Gibbler's daughter, Ramona, and crush of DJ's son, Jackson.

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