UPDATE: This round is now over. Vote for f(x) in the final round now!

March Madness 2017 is a month-long competition on PopCrush to determine the best of the best of South Korean boy bands and girl groups.

This competition is seriously heating up: after well over 15 million votes (!), the first round of PopCrush's 2017 March Madness series comes to a close today (Mar. 10). And the winners of that first round? Girls' Generation, edging out TWICE with 83%, moving forward with 176,000 votes. f(x) also moves into the semi-finals, successfully defeating Red Velvet with 64% after over 100,000 votes. Incredible job all around!
But the battle is only heating up: it's time for the semi-finals.

Girls' Generation have long since positioned themselves as one of the premiere K-pop girl groups in history, having debuted all the way back in 2007 and still going strong today. While most of the members have spent the past two years working on solo projects, there are strong rumblings that the girls will celebrate their 10 year anniversary later this year with a massive comeback.

Electro-troupe f(x) made their big debut all the way back in 2009, supplying four full-length studio albums ever since 2011’s Pinocchio. After releasing “4 Walls / Cowboy” in Japan last year, the girls are expected to return with a South Korean comeback later this year.

The battle starts now: place your vote between f(x) and Girls' Generation. This round ends on March 20.

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March Madness

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