It looks like Game and 50 Cent are rekindling their heated rivalry once again. After Fiddy released a song called 'Love Hate, Loves,' in which he takes lyrical jabs at Game and Lil Wayne, the Compton, Calif., rapper is ready to fire back with his own diss record.

Just to give this story some background. In early 2005, Game entered a feud with 50 Cent after he was booted out of G-Unit due to creative differences. It led to a few diss songs before it escalated into violence when one of Game's cronies was shot outside of a New York radio station.

Afterward, 50 Cent and Game held a press conference to announce their reconciliation and end the violence between the two camps. Despite squashing their beef, occasionally, G-Unit would criticize Game and claim that he had no street credibility. Meanwhile, Game would respond by calling them "G-Unot."

Fast-forward to 2011, and 50 claims on 'Love Hate, Loves,' that he wrote Game's most successful tracks. On the song the New York rapper spits, “You forgot about me b---h / I write your hits / 'You Know How We Do,' 'You Hate it or Love it' / N---a f--- it I'm “special” that's why your a-- say my verse / "You Hate it or Love it”/ They love me and hate me again.”

After hearing Fiddy's diss track, Game jumped on Twitter and promise to give him a lyrical a---whipping. "@50Cent I'm on tour doin shows but soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I'm killin yo "Planet Of The Apes" face havin a-- n---a. #MEunit," he tweeted on Sept. 29.

We haven't heard anything from Game, as of yet. When it comes to dissing matches, the Louboutin Don is always up for the challenge. We have to wait and see where this will go. Although we loathe rap feuds, 50 and Game's rivalry has peaked out interest.