Pneumonia-stricken singer George Michael is on the mend. He is currently recuperating an Austrian hospital since the illness is serious and could spread, so doctors are keeping him under observation. The star had to cancel the rest of his 2011 tour dates in order to attend to his health and we can't blame him for that.

Pneumonia is no joke and it can't be fun to travel and to get on stage and perform every night with pneumonia. That sounds like a miserable situation and Michael can always reschedule those tabled dates.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that doctors have said that Michael's recovery is slow and steady. He requires intensive care, so he doesn't get worse or pass it on. He is making progress, but he can't exert himself and requires "absolutely rest and restraint." Hopefully, he has an iPad and a few good books to keep his mind occupied during the hospital stay.

The doctors also dismissed the circulating rumor that the 'Faith' singer is afflicted with a more serious condition. The doctors said the singer "is receiving exactly the same treatment as any normal patient in Austria would for this ailment."

Get better soon, George. Your friends at PopCrush send you the very best.