A new singer-songwriter is ready to win you over with a classic Americana sound.

Wes-Tone, who won 2015's GRAMMY Amplifier contest with a submission of his own original song, earned the chance to produce a new track with a GRAMMY-winning producer. And Ben Fowler—who's previously worked with Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton—was more than happy to lend the up-and-comer a hand in the studio.

In the video from the Hyundai GRAMMY Amplifier studio session above, which was produced through a collaboration between Hyundai and The Recording Academy, Wes-Tone serves as tour guide through the recording of his brand new track "Diamond in the Rough," a slowed-down, no-frills take on the early stages of love. Oh, and it just so happens to feature his girlfriend, fellow singer/songwriter Danielle Diamond.

"The lyrics of the song just explain kind of where I was at that point in time—I met Danielle along the way," he says. "We bonded over music and then got to know each other more, and we just wrote love songs back and forth to one another."

And the heartfelt sentiment impresses Fowler, who credits Wes-Tone with having a superb natural talent.

"He had fantastic ideas on there for a guy that has not done a lot of recording," he says.

Take a look at Wes-Tone's recording session, listen to the finished product and tell us what you think!

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