Felix Snow and David Benjamin Singer-Vine, also known as two-thirds of mystery troupe Terror Jr alongside the ever-elusive chanteuse Lisa, as well as constant Kiiara collaborators, have adopted a new artist into their ever-growing Bop Family in Bop City: meet Guard.

The Melbourne-bred artist's already made himself comfy on the Internet with his steadily growing Instagram, proving that he's got a funny bone with his many meme-ified selfies.

But despite his digital confines, he's searching for something deeper beyond the wires and electronic currents.

"Cables," Guard's latest release out today (Jul. 21), shares similar DNA to the Terror Jr style: tripping beats, chopped and stuttering vocals, and tight, easily digestible, downtempo production with a run time that clocks in just before the three minute mark.

"Now follow me like a recipe / No more talking through these f--king screens / Drinking tea while I'm blowing trees / Plant a seed, it could set us free," Guard declares above the hi-hats and stuttering production.

"'Cables' is about connection and disconnection," he explains. "It’s about a yearning for a relationship outside of technology."

This isn't the first time Guard brought up digital dissatisfaction, either.

On last year's "Die Online," the singer-songwriter submits to life staring at a screen: "I swear I'm gonna die online / And no one has to know / I've already backed up my soul / I've got no real eyes, I only see codes," he morbidly proclaims.

It just ain't easy being IRL these days. Listen to "Cables" below.

Much to his chagrin, surely, it's easiest to keep up with Guard on a technological level on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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