Hot Chelle Rae's latest single, 'Hung Up,' sounds exactly like a Hot Chelle Rae song.

Unlike the band's earliest work, which was rock infused with pop, this is pure bubblegum with a few guitars attached. It's designed to be a singalong, whether at a party (they do seem to love them) or cruising with "your top off." (That's a pun in the song. We see what they did there.)

It's more of the usual from the band, sounding like a carbon copy of 'Tonight Tonight' and 'I Like It Like That,' but with a romantic, mushy edge to the lyrics. Instead of lamenting a breakup and getting over it with booze, they're celebrating a girl they dig -- who happens to always "know where the party's at."

It's catchy, it's melodic, it's capitalist: They want the song to stick in your head without having to work too hard to differentiate it from anything and everything else they've ever done. Even the shout-along chorus can be cut out and pasted into any other single and sound seamless: "Yeah / Everything you heard is true / Everybody knows I'm hung up on you / I'm like, yeah / Tell them other girls I'm through / Everybody knows I'm hung up on you."

It's certainly not by any means a bad song. It's just an identical song to every other Hot Chelle Rae single, save for their duet with Demi Lovato, 'Why Don't You Love Me.' While they're content to not make any significant artistic strides, nor to take a single risk, it's an undeniably fun song -- but also an undeniably indistinct and forgettable one from the rest of their catalog.


Listen to Hot Chelle Rae, 'Hung Up'

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