Hot Chelle Rae celebrated the release of their 'Whatever' album this week by playing an in-store concert on Long Island and meeting some of their supporters, including a group of young fans who got to interview the group for Newsday.

Video footage posted by Newsday includes live clips from the band's appearance at the Sony store, where they played 'Tonight Tonight' and a few other songs for an enthusiastic crowd and signed copies of the new CD.

The four young Hot Chelle Rae fans, called the "Kidsday" crew, got to ask the guys a few questions. Nash Overstreet -- the big brother of 'Glee' star Chord Overstreet -- even responded to an inquiry about winning the Best New Artist trophy at the American Music Awards.

"That was the coolest feeling we've ever experienced," he said. "When you go up on stage and play songs for people, it's a whole different feeling, and we've never won an award before, much less been nominated. So going up there and having our knees go weak and just get all shaky and nervous was a really cool experience for us."

Watch the clip below to see the budding journalists unearth additional details about how the band got its name and their future plans, which include an Australian tour with Taylor Swift.

Watch Hot Chelle Rae Answer Kidsday Interview Questions