In case watching evil entities terrorize unsuspecting victims on the big screen in a darkened theater doesn't provide enough of a visceral thrill ride for you, the Insidious franchise has got your back.

Tied to the June 5 release of the horror film series' third installment, Insidious: Chapter 3, fans can step "Into the Further 4D Experience" — a fully immersive virtual-reality haunted house that's traveling the U.S. The specially designed space uses cutting-edge Oculus Rift technology to help intensify the scares, so fans can count on having a uniquely terrifying time! And the best part about this whole thing? Admission is absolutely free.

"Insidious: Into the Further" will be in Philadelphia on May 2–3, Los Angeles on May 15–17, San Francisco on May 23–24, Dallas on May 29–31, and New York City on June 5–7. Apply for tickets (while supplies last) and get times and specific locations here. Can't make it to the live event? Just whip out your phone! "Into the Further 4D" will be released as a downloadable application for iPhone and Android. For more about Insidious: Chapter 3, visit the film's official site.

Watch the Insidious: Chapter 3 trailer below!

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