Fans of YouTubers the Janoskians made #WeAreHereForYouJames a trending topic on Twitter today (Jan. 23) after member James Yammouni took to the site to express his sadness and frustration regarding the health of his mother. According to James' tweets, his mother has cancer and he, understandably, has been greatly affected by her condition.

He posted about it on Twitter, saying, "Today has been pretty rough but you've all helped me keep my mind off things, love you." He went on to say, "Only thing I want in life is for my mum to get better."

James continued on Twitter, thanking fans for being so supportive and crediting them with allowing him the strength necessary to keep going. He wrote, "Sorry I've been a little b--- the last 2 days, it's just that some days it hits me harder than others, but you keep me strong. On another note, I do see all of your supportive messages and your trend, thank you for keeping us strong; my get aways."

We'd like to extend our sympathies to James and his mother during this incredibly difficult time.