The 2011 VMAs became a big night for Beyonce. The singer, who is about four months into her pregnancy, debuted her baby bump, confirming that she is with child for the first time. She also performed live, as did her husband and baby daddy Jay-Z, who took the stage with his 'Watch the Throne' partner Kanye West. Accordingly to US Weekly, the rapper showered his wife with affection at the event.

The duo had adjacent dressing rooms, with a witness telling the tab that "Jay was doting on her the whole time." What a good husband he is! The same backstage source said that the rapper let out a cat-call for his wife of three years. The source revealed that Jay-Z "yelled, 'Mmm hmmm. Who's that sexy lady walking down here?'" and that Jay was "playing like he was flirting with her. It was so cute."

The source also said that the mogul, born Shawn Carter, was super attentive to his wife, especially now that she is in a delicate condition. "He was really taking care of her, asking her how she feels and helping her walk. It was so sweet to see him like that," the source said. Can we get a chorus of "Awwwwwws?"

Jay-Z wasn't the only one doting on the mom-to-be. Her own mother Tina Knowles was also on site, micromanaging details. The source said that Tina "was on top of EVERYTHING -- getting Beyonce everything she needed. Between Jay and her mom, she was totally taken care of. Her mom was getting her everything she needed."

It's good to be a pregnant diva, ain't it?