For those still holding out hope that 'N Sync will follow New Kids on the Block's lead and re-form to make new music and go on tour, JC Chasez says not to hold your breath.

Chasez, who has said in the past he's not interested in getting back together with Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance, reiterated that point in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

It’s just not in the cards. I’m sure that everybody in my group has been asked at one time or another -- I know I get asked, I know the other guys get asked -- but we’re happy with what it was and we’re happy to move on. We really feel like if you’re going to do something like that, it has to be for all the right reasons. Everybody says, ‘You’ll make a ton of money, you’ll get a ton of people to come,’ but that’s not the reason we did what we did in the first place. We did what we did because we believed we had something to offer the entertainment world that was essentially fresh, and until we feel that way again, it’s not gonna happen."

That sounds very similar to what Joey McIntyre said when VH1 tried unsuccessfully in 2004 to reunite New Kids on the Block for its show Bands Reunited. Four years later, NKOTB were back on the road. Lots of bands swear they will never reunite but end up changing their minds eventually — Bonnaroo headliners the Beach Boys being the latest example — so never say never, 'N Sync fans!

For what it's worth, Chasez said he's impressed by the current crop of boy bands. "I think that the Wanted put out a great record,” he said. “The One Direction kids, I think they’re a breath of fresh air.”

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