Team Blake truly found their 'voice' against Team Christina on tonight's live episode of 'The Voice.' Judge favorite Jermaine Paul went up to bat with a lesser-known song -- at least for the younger viewers -- in hand, absolutely murdering Phil Collins' 'Against All Odds'... in a good way.

On a set that would probably glow in the dark had the lights been out, Jermaine dazzled the crowd with his rendition. Though he shared beforehand that Alicia Keys, whom he used to sing backup for, had wished him good luck, he didn't really need it.

The father of several and former behind-the-scenes star sat with ease with the microphone, as someone else tickled the keys of a grand piano. Jermaine is used to standing out of the spotlight, but made it clear that he deserves for the lights to be on him.

Even Christina Aguilera admitted that she loves him, adding that he's her favorite player on Blake Shelton's team. When it came time for the country music coach to talk, he put it into simple words, saying in short, "Jermaine is a superstar."

Duh. But is he 'The Voice'? We'll have to wait and see.

Watch Jermaine Paul Perform 'Against All Odds' on 'The Voice'