In this Battle of the Brits round, Jessie Ware and Birdy will be competing for the singer-songwriter crown. Both are undeniably beautiful and have haunting, yet sweet vocals... but who will you vote for as your favorite singer-songwriter? The songstress with the most fan votes will be one step closer to winning the title of the best British act of 2013. 

Jessie Ware (one of PopCrush's Artist to Watch in 2013) may be up-and-coming, but she already made quite an impression in the U.K. with her album 'Devotion' before Cherrytree Records picked her up and released it in the States. Her strong point, like Adele, is her sophisticated vocals. But then there's an subtle sassiness and flutter to her tone, mixed in with some Sade-esuqe R&B stylings. Our favorite Ware track is the upbeat ballad 'Wildest Moments,' followed by 'If You're Never Gonna Move,' and the sultry number 'Imagine It Was Us.' We've enjoyed watching her grow as an artist, and think she has a style different quite from her competition...

Birdy, on the other hand, is 17 and a huge fan of One Direction. But don't let this fool you, as her cover of Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love' showcases her ethereal vocals and piano prowess. After winning the live TV competition 'Open Mic U.K.' at age 12, the singer (real name Jasmine van den Bogaerde), went on to record a mix of originals and covers -- she recorded her her Bon Iver number when she was just 14! After topping the charts in the U.K. with her eponymous debut, her songs landed features on hit TV shows like 'The Vampire Diaries,' and her album was subsequently released in the U.S. Since then, she's been featured on 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack and worked with Grammy-winning Mumford & Sons for the 'Brave' track 'Lean Me Right.' That's quite a handful of accomplishments for someone who just turned 17!

So, who will you vote to go on to the next round? Will it be Jessie Ware or Birdy? This poll will close on Tuesday, July 17, at 2PM EST. You can vote up to once per hour until then!

Battle of the Brits

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