Sure, we'd love to hear John Mayer cover his ex Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' or 'Unconditionally.' But that's not likely to happen, so we'll "settle" for being blown away by his acoustic cover of Beyonce's 'XO.'

Footage of Mayer, accompanied by his trusty guitar and belting out the song, has landed online and we are glad it has.

Mayer performed the song while on tour in Australia, and he really offered up his unique version of Bey's jam. He also played a little harmonica while he strummed his guitar --multi-taskin'! -- but it was super powerful. This live version certainly displays the full complement of Mayer's talents.

But it's not just about J. Mayer here. Let's tip the hat to the Queen, since it's her song and it lends itself to being stripped down and showed its construction to be really bendable to this rendition. Plus, the song and Bey's delivery of her vocals caught Mayer's attention in the first place. So there's that.

Mayer also tweeted about the part he loved most about Bey's version of the song.
He is totally loving Bey and her song.

Nice work, Mr. Mayer.

Now let's see if Perry can cover the same song and best her ex. That would be fun, right? We kid, we kid.

Mayer's tweet about lovin' Bey's vocal patterns is below.