On a hilarious digital short on 'SNL' last night (Nov. 23), 'The Hunger Games' star and host Josh Hutcherson played Lil Peanut, along with Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson as Amir and Kid Float, respectively. Together, they had a special ability. They were subway performers who specialized in doing their thing in packed cars.

The subway trio goes by the name Matchbox 3 and Float bemoans the fact that being a subway performer ain't easy, especially in NYC. #RealWorldProblems.

"You compete with so many other performers, so to survive, you need to find an angle," Pharoah's Amir declares. So the threesome hones their special skill.

"Do not worry, we have perfected the art of b-boy dancing within a three-inch radius of our own bodies," Pharoah says, introducing their performance on the sardine-like train.

The truth is Matchbox 3 can't dance and they annoy straphangers with their moves.

The "running man" dance move becomes the "running neck," due to space constraints, as does the "stirring the pot" move, which becomes "stirring the espresso."

When it's super packed, Matchbox 3 dance with their faces like a coupla idiots.

Peanut eventually goes missing! Boo hoo!