Sad news for 'The Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham. According to US Weekly, she and her fiance -- writer-slash-actor Cottrell Guidry -- have officially called off their engagement.

According to the source at US Weekly, the split is actually old news, and the couple have managed to stay friendly with each other: "It happened a while ago. They are still friends."

Kat and Cottrell were engaged in Oct. 2012. Of the engagement, Kat said, "When you've been with someone for over half a decade, you feel married already. It's not a rush. Right now the most important thing is to set up our life to be a good support system for each other."

She went on to talk about the importance of setting up a stable foundation and of talking about marriage with her partner: "I don't know if people focus on marriage necessarily. I've seen a lot of young people get engaged and break up and get engaged and they don't focus on the realities of marriage."

Kat had even been planning her wedding alongside her 'Vampire Diaries' co-star Candice Accola, who is now married to Joe King of the Fray, saying, "It's very exciting to plan our weddings together. I don't know, maybe we'll have babies together, too!"

We're sad to see the couple split, but we wish both Kat and Cottrell the best.

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