As you or I or any devoted Moon Child could tell you, Kerli is not of this world. She refuses to be limited by corporeal restrictions, scientific theory, human law or major record label deals, which is why it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Estonian Queen of Space-Pop has opted to make her next record as an independent artist — with the help of you, the Moon Children, of course.

The singer-songwriter/forest sprite has created a PledgeMusic page for her forthcoming September 2016 studio album, complete with an introductory video.

"I have spent the last 8 months making art in the magical woods of my native Estonia," Kerli writes in a letter to fans, presumably telepathically transcribed by a tech-savvy forest critter, or perhaps a half-elf, who created the page for her while she tends to more important faerie matters in the future. "I set up my studio in a tiny cottage with no running water and barely-there electricity and have been working away day and night to give birth to something I can feel proud to leave behind after my human form has transformed into stardust."

To obtain the essence of new Kerli before her human form is transformed into stardust, one must pledge their money — a small price to pay for exclusive wares from Kerli's PledgeMusic store...and new music, of course. According to the singer, the first of three pre-order singles from the album will be beamed onto our planet on January 29. As of now, items in the store include magical stickers, signed lyric sheets, T-shirts, jewelry, handwritten notes and personalized Polaroids.

"I hope these vibrations teleport you into a land of uninhibited fairytales and connect you with your wildest self," Kerli adds at the end of her letter. Classic Kerli sign-off.

As a reminder, Kerli's last transmission came in the form of 2013's Utopia EP, featuring high-energy club-pop bop "The Lucky Ones." Let's do this, Moon Children.

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