When it comes to dares, Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill does not mess around. Yesterday, Followill crashed his car through his neighbor's garage door after being dared by a friend to do so. Before you start gasping in horror, you should know that Followill actually owns the home, which is vacated and about to be demolished.

"Ran my SUV through my neighbor's garage door at 2am. Lucky me, I bought the house a couple weeks ago. Unlucky me, my hood is destroyed," Followill tweeted. "All the doors were locked & it seemed like the best option to get inside after @nickbrownMONA punched all the windows out & cut his hand."

Followill assured his fans that this wasn't a drunken antic either. "I wasn't drinking. It was a dare. I obliged my audience," he wrote. "The house is going to be demolished in a couple of weeks. Why does the construction company get to have all the fun?" Ahh, the things guys do when they get bored at 2AM on a Tuesday.

It is still unclear as to why Followill purchased the neighboring home to begin with, but it seems as if he is going to expand his own property. Fans asked Followill what he will do with extra space, and he responded, "Maybe a studio. Maybe a mancave. Maybe a few bowling lanes." Sounds like fun! But not as fun as crashing your car through a dilapidated building.