Lena Dunham knows that she's a divisive figure, and a new, Hillary Clinton-touting Funny or Die video for a song called "Sensual Pantsuit Anthem" makes that clear to hilarious and cringeworthy effect. To quote a skeptical acquaintance of Dunham's in the intro, when she explains her political rap PSA plans: "Lena, NOOOOOOO!"

The Girls creator self-owns the most Hannah Horvathish, Twitter-skewered aspects of her public persona (cultural sensitivity missteps, extreme whiteness, self absorption) in a "rapped music" video featuring radio personality Charlamagne, whose Breakfast Club morning show Dunham recently visited, and Tony-winning The Color Purple star Cynthia Erivo. The clip succeeds largely because it beats critics to the punch: as Charlamagne puts it, "Not really sure what the logic is here; your rap is trash, and why are you wearing Hillary's lingerie?"

Will Lena win new supporters — for Hillary and/or for herself – with the new clip? Perhaps not, but the video's worth a watch either way. And one of Erivo's lines certainly offers something to consider regarding the double standards the Democratic candidate has faced in this contest: "If she said half the s--- that this dude had said / Best believe her entire career'd be dead."

Watch "Sensual Pantsuit Anthem" below.

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