Is that the rattle of rainfall on your roof? The boom of thunder echoing through nature’s expanse? Nope! It’s just the thud of a flailing Leona Lewis making contact with the ground after basically falling backwards off a cliff in her new music video. Now that that’s squared away…

The former X Factor winner, who’s gearing up for the release of her fifth album, I Am, in September, released a video for her latest single, “Thunder,” yesterday (August 13). If you like beautiful landscapes paired against what appears to be ritualistic suicide, you’re very much in luck, friends.

In the clip, Leona delivers affirming, pick-yourself-back-up lyrics beside shots that find her slowly sidling through a room in a castle in the clouds. Birds fly, the sun sets and Leona’s chiffon billows beautifully in the breeze. “And I won’t wait any longer / When you left me down, I got stronger / If you want to wait for lightning / I’m on the horizon,” she insists as her gaze sears into the camera.

And just when you think you’ve got the mood of “Thunder” pegged, Lewis, who was previously content just hanging out, decides to approach the edge of a skyscraping balcony, lean back and...well…you can probably fill in the blanks. Does this mean thunder is more powerful than we dreamed it could be? Less so? Why didn’t construction of this veranda include a balustrade to prevent these types of incidents? The questions abound.

Watch the "Thunder" video above.