At last, The Comeback of Leona Lewis begins.

The incredibly talented UK chanteuse, who was originally discovered on X Factor UK (remember that?), has covered plenty of sonic territory ever since her debut in 2007: She's given us Ryan Tedder-produced balladry ("Bleeding Love"), gone full-on club queen with (or without) the help of Avicii ("Collide") and supplied festive Christmas classics ("One More Sleep"). And let's not even get into Glassheart, her criminally overlooked 2012 record. That the title track was never properly released as a single is wholeheartedly proof that there is no decency in this world, and that life is just a series of random events happening at us until our inevitable demise. But anyway!

Leona is back at long last today with "Fire Under My Feet," her first single in 3 years — well, 2, if we're counting 2013's Christmas, With Love — and the first formal taste of her forthcoming LP, I Am. And, evidently, she's going the retro soul route this time around.

With those wailing chops, heavy piano chords, church organs and stomping beats, it's all but impossible not to draw an immediate comparison to the most successful member of British soul pop revival: Adele. (Duffy and Amy Winehouse might come to mind as well.)

"I got fire under my feet and I feel it in my heartbeat / Boy you can't put out these flames, you can't keep me down in my seat," Leona defiantly belts. (She sounds fabulous, although that's a given.)

"Fire" is a rollicking romp with plenty of soul and fire for sure, although it's hard to say whether the vintage sound will work. It's been done time and time again, after all. (Personally, I'd opt for a re-issue of her 2009 Max Martin smash that never was, "Outta My Head.")

Still, this is a sonic switch-up that the confident singer clearly wanted for herself, regardless of the outcome: "This may not be, not be perfect / But I'm happy and I've earned it," she declares.

Spread your unchained wings, girl!

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