White horses, fierce storms and Natasha Bedingfield make appearances in 'Between the Raindrops,' the new single from Lifehouse, who are back with their first album in two years, titled 'Almeria.' The guys behind the early '00s smash hits 'Hanging by a Moment' and 'You and Me' have released behind-the-scenes footage from the 'Raindrops' video shoot, which premieres exclusively today on PopCrush.

The video takes viewers behind the cameras to see how the director shot some of the trickier scenes, including one where singer Jason Wade stands on the edge of a cliff and another where the horses begin running. "The video is very symbolic," Bedingfield says in the clip. "It shows a lot of romantic things, horses, being free, being safe. There's this whole series of things that are expressed through the video."

Wade describes how Bedingfield ended up on the song. "We knew that we wanted to get a vocalist featured on the song, and as soon as we were sold on that idea, she was at the very top of our list," he says. "I reached out to her, she loved the song, and literally she was in the studio the next week cutting vocals.

The footage includes some humorous revelations as well, like the fact that in the scene when drummer Ricky Woolstenhulme, Jr. drives the truck with his bandmates, the director made him use a booster seat because he's so short. Bassist Bryce Soderberg explains, "It was just to catch up with my freak height."

Check out the behind-the-scenes video for more insight from Wade about how the storm's arrival and departure are metaphors for life.

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