In this list of Top 10 Lil Wayne songs, PopCrush is chronicling Weezy's best songs, both old and new. When you think about the reigning kings of contemporary rap music, there are few artists who can rival Lil Wayne. In just over a decade, the rapper has released nine studio albums to his name and been featured on hundreds of tracks. Even though Weezy was jailed for a year, it didn't stop him from creating music -- in fact, Lil Wayne actually released his 'I Am Not a Human Being' LP while in prison. Weezy made a full force comeback after his release from Riker's Island, releasing 'Tha Carter IV' which has already yielded incredible album sales and hits like '6 Foot 7 Foot.' There is no stopping Weezy, and in honor of his celebrated rap career, PopCrush is counting down the Top 10 Lil Wayne Songs.

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    'La La La'

    This Lil Wayne song was originally supposed to appear on 'Tha Carter III,' however it leaked early, and Weezy included it on his mixtape 'The Drought Is Over 2: The Carter III Sessions' instead. Featuring an infectious, head-bopping sample from the New Birth's funky, R&B track 'You Don't Have to Be Alone,' Mr. Carter pays homage to his inspirations. He raps, "I pray that I go where no other rapper has / And when you're rappin' as / vivid as I your limit is the sky / So I study B.I. / I bang Tupac, I Hum Aaliyah / And Soldier Slim Was A Leader / Who Am I Not To Follow Greatness / I Give These Mc's Hell Like They All Atheists."

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    'Mr. Carter'

    Feat. Jay-Z

    On this midtempo track, which features speedy snares and high-pitched piano keys, Lil Wayne gets some assistance from a fellow rapper with a Carter surname -- Jay-Z. 'Mr. Carter' includes a catchy, Chipmunk-esque chorus as Weezy shows his talents for creating ostentatious lyrics. He raps, "Man I got summer hating on me cause I'm hotter than the sun / Spring hating on me cause I ain't never sprung / Winter hating on me cause I'm colder than y'all / And I will never, I will never, I will never fall."

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    'Stuntin' Like My Daddy'

    Birdman and Lil Wayne

    'Stuntin' Like My Daddy' is one of those bada--- hip-hop songs that makes you want to roll around town in a Cadillac bumping your radio as loud as possible rocking a gangsta lean. Released in 2006, this track appears in Birdman -- who is one of Weezy's biggest mentors -- and Lil Wayne's collaborative album 'Like Father, Like Son' and features swirling synth and a horn section, giving this boastful, "I'm harder than you" track an anthemic feel that keeps your ears perked and leaves you wanting more.

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    'I Feel Like Dying'

    This somber song shows a more personal side of Lil Wayne. 'I Feel Like Dying' contains robust bass and a falsetto voice that repeats the hook, "Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying," bringing a menacing feeling that reflects the state of mind many drug addicts have. On the other hand, during the verses, Weezy raps about the intense euphoria that comes with doing drugs: "Jumpin' off of a mountain into a sea of Codeine / I'm at the top of the top, but still I climb / And if I should ever fall, the ground would then turn to wine / Pop, pop, I feel like flying, then I feel like frying, then (I feel like dying)."

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    Feat. Robin Thicke

    On this Top Lil Wayne Song, Tunechi gets a little help from soulful, smooth-as-silk vocalist Robin Thicke. Off of Weezy's 'Tha Carter III' album, 'Shooter' contains electronic keys that were borrowed from Gang Starr's track 'Mass Appeal.' Weezy actually took Thicke's song 'Oh Shooter' and reworked it to create his own version where he raps about both being under fire by haters and how he strikes back against them: "So many doubt 'cause I come from the South / But when I open up my mouth, all bullets come out."

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    'Tha Block Is Hot'

    'Tha Block Is Hot' marks the rapper's debut single, with fast-paced snares and foreboding piano notes. When it dropped back in 1999, people were quickly drawn to Weezy's grainy, Southern-twinged rap vocals and bombastic attitude. He was only 16 when 'Tha Block Is Hot' impacted, but Weezy proved he was a force to be reckoned with when it comes to producing a hard song and spitting impressive rhymes. The New Orleans native raps, "Ain't no love for them busta, no pimp for no coward / No respect for no stunt, and no money without power."

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    'Hustler Musik'

    Lil Wayne has admitted that 'Hustler Musik' is one of his favorite tracks that he's ever recorded -- with hundreds of songs to his name, that is no trivial statement. Weezy raps about trying to support his family by taking to a life on the streets in this old-school sounding track. During the chorus, he sings, "Baby, you gotta know that I'm just out here doing what I gotta do for me and you and we eating / So b---h why the f--k is you tripping? / I'm taking these chances / My head to the sky / My feet on the ground / My fingers to the judge if the money don't move / And I won't budge / Won't budge / No I won't budge no."

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    You can't really have a Top Lil Wayne Songs list without mentioning 'Fireman' somewhere in the mix. This track is featured on 'Tha Carter II' and incorporates siren-esque synth as Weezy F. Baby raps about living an extravagant lifestyle thanks to his "take no prisoners" approach. Weezy once again uses puns to get his point across, letting everyone know that he is one person you don't want to mess with. He raps, "I'm the Fireman Fire, Fa, Fireman / I got that fire I'm hollering / I got that fire come and try me and / You can spark it up and I'ma put you out / You can spark it up and I'ma put you out."

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    '6 Foot 7 Foot'

    Feat. Cory Gunz

    When Lil Wayne got out of prison in 2010, it was clear that he was coming back with a vengeance, releasing the fiery, bass-bumping single '6 Foot 7 Foot.' It was almost as if the rapper was a time bomb waiting to explode, and that all of his creative energy was let loose on this sonorous tune. Featuring an imaginative, shrill sample of 'Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)' by Harry Belafonte, Lil Wayne raps over a thumping beat: "Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer / swagger down pat, call my s--- Patricia / Young Money militia, and I am the commissioner / you don't want start Weezy, 'cause the F is for Finisher / so misunderstood, but what's a World without enigma?"

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    'A Milli'

    'A Milli' is No. 1 on our list of the Top 10 Lil Wayne Songs for good reason. Produced by Bangladesh -- the same guy who did '6 Foot 7 Foot' -- 'A Milli' incoporates samples of A Tribe Called Quest's 'I Left My Wallet in El Segundo (Vampire Mix)' and Gladys Knight and the Pips' 'Don't Burn Down the Bridge,' displaying Wayne's widespread range of influences. 'A Milli' is one of Weezy's most successful songs to date, peaking at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching No. 1 on the rap charts. This song is a bona fide earworm, getting engrained into your brain with it's infectious beat and swift, fluent rhymes. Weezy pretty much sums it up when he proclaims, "Motherf----r I'm ill!"