The internet officially has Fuller House fever, as evidenced by the April 22 episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, when Lori Loughlin and Andy Cohen re-created a scene from Full House.

The scene in question is from Season 7, Episode 20 of the hit TV show. Full House fans will recall the time Michelle Tanner took a stand for feminism by racing in the soap box derby, even when she was told by a male peer, "Everyone knows that girls don't have car brains. They have Barbie doll brains."

Aunt Becky — er, Lori — and Andy put a lighter spin on the scene, with the host donning a blond wig and helmet to play the youngest Tanner sister. Lori reprised her role as Jesse Katsopolis' wife and the mother figure to the girls.

"Michelle, I can fix this in no time!" Lori said in a spot-on revival of her character.

"No, don't fix anything. Let's just forget about the race," Andy pouted, echoing the slightly dramatic acting on the show.

"Honey, if you're upset about the wheel falling off --" Lori began, before Andy interjected, "I'm not upset! I just changed my mind! I'm a kid. It happens."

While neither Lori nor Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are confirmed to appear on Fuller House, we think the powers that be need to see this clip ASAP. (We wouldn't hate Andy stepping in as Michelle.)

On April 20, John Stamos confirmed the Full House spin-off is officially a go. It's slated to hit Netflix sometime in 2016. Until then, you can check out Andy and Lori's homage in the video above!

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