Having been named the 2015 Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year, country superstar Luke Bryan found all eyes were on him amid the release of his latest album, Kill the LightsBut with a song like "Move" among the 13-track collection released last week, there was no way listeners wouldn't have a good time, he says in the exclusive "Behind the Song" clip above.

"'Move' is all the fun you could want to have in a song, in my opinion," he shares. "It's what I envision big ol' country dance clubs across the country playing that and it filling up and everybody having a great time."

The tune, which chronicles the journey of a sweet, shy girl who finds an edge when she moves to the South, ran the risk of becoming a little gimmicky, Bryan admits ("Then you got in with some southern belles / Cut your jeans off with a rebel yell / Learned the talk of the Bible belt," one lyric notes). Ultimately, though, the singer says he's proud of the work he, Michael Carter, Jeff Stevens and Jay Clementi put into the song.

"A song like 'Move' is harder to write, because one wrong lyric and it gets cheesy," he explains. "[But] finally, we landed on some stuff that I really, really like and some stuff that I felt like I could sell on stage."

Check out the clip for more on "Move," and be sure to pick up a copy of Kill the Lights on iTunes.

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