Macklemore and Ryan Lewis picked up the 2014 Grammy for Best New Artist. The boys, dressed in their Sunday best, looked genuinely shocked to notch the win, but their fans know how much they deserved it. And it was the fans that the duo thanked first upon arriving at the podium to deliver the acceptance speech.

"Wow, we're here on this stage right now. First and foremost, I want to thank our fans, the people who got us on this stage. Before there was any media, before there was any buzz, before there was a story, there was the fans and it spread organically though them," Macklemore said.

"We made this album without a record label. We made it independently but we appreciate all the support," Macklemore said.

No, Ryan Lewis didn't say anything, but hey, the Grammys are on a tight time schedule.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' win -- they are nominated for a total of seven Grammys -- was truly a victory for independent music and indie artists. It also proved the power of ambition combined with the DIY aesthetic.