The words "success" and "thrift shop" tend not to go together very often, but there's an exception to every rule -- just ask Macklemore, whose latest single is approaching 2 million in sales.

Asked if he had any inkling that his collaboration with partner Ryan Lewis would take off like this, Macklemore told MTV, "Never, never, absolutely not. I thought it was going to be like a niche demographic that some of our fanbase would like. I never thought that it would be much more than that."

Now that it's a major hit, the question is how it happened, and Macklemore has a few thoughts on the matter. "I think hip-hop goes in waves, and it's something that's different. It's a concept. It's obviously against the status quo of what people normally rap about," he suggested. "This is a song that goes against all of that. How much can you save? How fresh can you look by not looking like anybody else? And on top of that, you have an infectious beat and a hook that gets stuck in people's heads."

Of course, just because you've scored one hit doesn't mean you're going to be able to follow it up -- something he seemed to consider when MTV asked him about his plans for the future. "I want to continue to push it. I want to shoot a couple of more music videos. Will those songs and videos be as successful as 'Thrift Shop'? I have no idea," Macklemore mused. "I don't want to feel that pressure when in the studio trying to create. I want to make music that I like; not something that I have to make because I think it's going to sell."

Watch the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 'Thrift Shop' Video Feat. Wanz