Given Maddie Ziegler's fame on Dance Moms and as Sia's iconic video muse in the 1000 Forms of Fear era, you may sometimes forget that she's only 12 years old. She celebrates her 13th birthday on September 30, and her starring role in i-D's "Lucky Thirteen" video is pretty much a gift to us Maddie fans.

"In a parallel universe, I was never hated in junior high," actress Chloe Sevigny narrates, as Maddie writes in her journal, reads Flowers In the Attic alone in a diner and squirms in an empty classroom. "I was never the most popular, but definitely not the most hated either." Then the fantasy turns, somewhat unexpectedly, into an expression of gratitude for the formative experience of being an outcast. It prevented the heroine from becoming a dull adult: "So every day I thank God I was miserable. Seriously."

Maddie takes off on her bike, plugged into her sticker-covered Walkman (unsafe, Maddie!) and, in ensuing scenes, proceeds to cut loose. Watch below.


The bass-driven punk song Maddie bops and twirls to is "Business Cats," by defunct rock band Mika Miko, and the clip was directed by i-D creative director Bunny Kinney. It was shot around her Pennsylvania hometown, and that's really her own lilac bedroom. i-D's Ravi Amaratunga told People that "Lucky Thirteen" is "an ode to being a 13 year girl, entering your teens and being yourself no matter what." That's definitely an ode-worthy topic.

No word yet on whether Maddie will pop up in the video for Sia's "Alive" single, but given that she appeared on Pretty Little Liars and Disney's Austin & Ally this year, it looks like her 13th year will only bring more acting roles.

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