It's going to be a difficult task for anyone setting out to dethrone the King of Pop for best Grammy performance ever. Michael Jackson put on one of the most monumental and show-stopping performances of his entire career at the 1988 Grammy Awards, delivering a flawless 10-minute medley of tracks for the audience's thorough enjoyment.

To create dramatic effect, the cameras first focused on MJ's bedazzled socks and shoes before the shot switched to MJ's dancing silhouette behind a screen. On a smokey stage, he began to croon 'The Way You Make Me Feel' slower than usual. However, it wasn't long till Jackson kickstarted things into high gear, bringing tempo way up and grooving to his feel-good track across the stage.

Later, Jackson made history with his unbelievable and emotionally raw performance of 'Man in the Mirror.' His impassioned singing really strikes a cord deep within, and the fact that he had an entire gospel choir backing him up just added to the rousing nature of this magnificently awe-inspiring performance.

Jackson proved time and time again that he was a brilliant entertainer during his lifetime, but it's shining career moments like this that really stick with us and make us miss him even more.