It's been awhile since we last heard anything from Michelle Branch, and it's been even longer since we last heard anything Top 40 come from her. But it's what she does best, so she couldn't stay away forever -- and her brand new single, 'Loud Music,' is no exception.

"It turns me on when you dial it up all the way to 11," Branch reveals in this pop-rock track that has us bobbing our heads along.

With multiple mentions of classic rock bands and a drive to shake the roof off the place, it's clear this girl is a rock 'n' roll star at heart.

"It was like my life began that day / I still remember what the jukebox started to play / We knew we had to take it on the road / Start me up like a rolling stone / Making loud music / We're making loud music," she continues, describing a need to make the tires hit the road so she can make the speakers bleed.

'Loud Music' is definitely the kind of song that sounds best, well, loud, with its '80s pop flavor and heavy-on-the-guitar back-track. Thankfully, we like this track (with the catchy popping chorus) from the 27-year-old 'Everywhere' singer, who first introduced herself to the pop world as a teenager, before (temporarily) going country.

If this new single is any indication of where Branch is headed, we plan to follow.

You can catch Branch out on the road this summer, when she takes her 'Loud Music' on the road with the Goo Goo Dolls in July and August.


Listen to Michelle Branch, 'Loud Music'