Miley Cyrus chopped off her hair off over the weekend, shedding her longer bleached blond locks for a much shorter, punkier hairdo. The 'Can't Be Tamed' singer has been tweeting pictures of her new haircut for her fans to see -- after catching a glance at her shorter new 'do beside her longer hair, which style do you like better on Ms. Miley Cyrus?

Cyrus has never been scared of change. The 19-year-old entertainer recently went from dating Liam Hemsworth to getting engaged to be married, and she's constantly changing up her career paths from singing to acting. The same thing goes for her hair, which she recently bleached from honey brown to platinum blond. However, this change wasn't satiating Miley's edgy appetite, as she shortly cut her locks into a rockin' pixie-esque hairdo.

We wonder what her hubby-to-be thinks of her hair! But the real question here is what do you think of Miley's new shorter hairdo? Are you digging her cropped hairstyle, or do you think her longer hair looks way better? Cast your vote below and leave a comment below explaining which style you like better and why.