When they hear the name Morgan Wallen, most people visualize a mullet and a signature mustache, but the "Whiskey Glasses" singer has had a variety of hairstyles before the business in the front and party in the back 'do began.

Most recently, the internet went crazy when Wallen shaved his mullet in 2023, but it's not the first time he's had short hair. The superstar took up a hat for a good while before showcasing his shorter buzzed look. A lot of people speculated that he may have completely shaved his head, and Reddit users weighed in with concern.

"Ohhh myy gooooshhh!! He had to have lost a bet!! I can't believe this was a voluntary hair cut," one fan wrote at the time, adding a cry emoji.

"I still love him... but after 3 years of being obsessed with the mullet, I'm gonna need about 2 months to process," another said, while another weighed in, "I can't wait to see him without the cap!!"

The post below was one of his first photos showcasing his fresh cut without a hat:

Many fellow country artists commented saying that he had Top Gun: Maverick vibes, including Hardy and Bailey Zimmerman. Even though he cut the hair, he kept the mustache, which he seems to like.

People who don't follow Wallen as closely may not remember some of his early cuts were short, as well, and showed off a completely different look: He once sported a goatee with no mustache!

In 2017, he almost looked like he was channeling more of a boy band vibe.

Michael Loccisano, Getty
Michael Loccisano, Getty

Morgan Wallen's Goatee and Spiked Hair

Morgan Wallen showing off one of his earlier looks, the goatee and spiked hair at a 2017 awards show.

By 2019, the "Last Night" singer seemed to grow out his hair for a faux-hawk-style mullet. Through that year he was also sporting lots of flannel and showing off his muscles.

Regardless of the style of music, his looks seems to stay pretty country and old school.

Getty Images for CMT
Getty Images for CMT

By 2020, Wallen's cut really evolved into an Alan Jackson-esque look. He was leaning on relaxed curls and kept the mustache in place, even growing out the sides of his hair.

Getty Images for CMA
Getty Images for CMA

Who knows if the "The Way I Talk" singer will grow his hair out again, or ever consider shaving the signature mustache. As of late, he seems to be sporting a mix between old Wallen and new Wallen.

Take a peek into all of this looks throughout his career, and see which he is heading to next.

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