My Best Friend's Wedding, a horror movie in which it's understood that only lepers aren't married by 28, is being made into a TV show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ABC has committed to a half-hour comedy script for a series that would serve as a sequel to the 1997 movie, which starred Julia Roberts as a 27-year-old famous food critic. The movie's writer, Ron Bass, will pen the script with Jessica Amento, and Bass, Jerry and Janet Zucker and Mike Menchel will produce.

ABC notes the series would follow Roberts' character, Julianne Potter, as she takes New York City by storm after her best friend marries a 20-year-old instead of her. And she'll do so with her gay friend George Downes by her side, whom she occasionally uses as a deceitful surrogate-date, because what more are those types of people good for, anyway?

Have you seen the My Best Friend's Wedding movie, a nightmare you'd experience after eating a bowlful of spoiled meat? Here's what happens: Julianne's best friend Michael (the very same from My Best Friend's Wedding!) calls to tell her he's getting married to someone she's never met in less than a week, even though you'd probably give someone who's close to you more notice than that. Then, Julianne, an emotional invalid, consequently decides to break up the wedding under the guise of honoring a pact she made with Michael in college that said they'd tie the knot at 28 if they were both still single then. Nothing could be worse, after all!

We deserve this.

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