You may be broke, but at least you have a sense of humor.

Twitter lit up Tuesday with the hashtag #MyBankAccountSays, which as you might surmise, people took as a cue to mock themselves for being so poor.

So, while people lament the lack of zeroes in their account, look on the bright side: they can get some retweets because if you can't have one, getting the other makes it less painful, right?

Wait, it doesn't? You mean you'd rather have enough money at your beck and call to afford a York Peppermint Patty -- not even a regular-sized one, but a mini five-cent one you find at the counter of your local convenience store -- than the adoration of a bunch of strangers on a social media platform who may understand your angst at being so poor you're only writing on Twitter in the first place because you're hoping someone will literally follow through on the "penny for your thoughts" cliche?

Wow, that's some food-we-wish-we-could-afford-to-buy for thought.

Here are some of the best tweets you'll find about what people think their bank account would say if it could talk.

The Best Tweets Ever: