Neon Hitch hit the scene singing the hook on Gym Class Heroes' 'A-- Back Home,' but she's taking center stage on 'Gold,' which features a brief verse from Young Money rapper Tyga and a co-writing credit from Bruno Mars.


While the subject matter is a little more innocuous and less bleep-worthy than 'F--- You Betta,' 'Gold' is far catchier than its predecessor. Not only is the track pure pop bliss, but due to its more work-suitable and kid-friendly lyrics, 'Gold' will likely fare even better on the charts than Hitch's previous hit.

On 'Gold,' the flame-haired siren sings the praises of her man, who "shines like gold" and is "sweeter than a Cinnabon." Combined with a danceable beat and a melody (likely Mars' doing) that makes the most of Hitch's occasionally clipped vocal style, the mall food court comparison isn't the only part of this song that has us drooling.

In the verses, Hitch actually sounds a bit like Britney Spears -- in the best possible way. From the hand claps in the chorus to Tyga's abbreviated but humorous and biologically inclined rap ("Call me baby / Like what comes after labor"), 'Gold' likely has "platinum" written all over it.

'Gold' is out today (Aug. 14), so if and when it inevitably gets stuck in your head, you'll be able to ease the craving. As for the Cinnabon hankering? You're on your own.

Watch the Neon Hitch 'Gold' Lyric Video